Albanian boyfrienf


Hi everyone! I have been dating an Albanian man for over two years now. He is wonderful and so sweet. I am head over heels for him. His parents are very strict and religious; they moved to the U.S. before he was born. They are Muslim and I am Christian. I know I don’t know much about their religion but I have done some research and it seems like they share some similar beliefs. I am also not Albanian. (I’m a mutt of different ethnicities)

In the beginning of our relationship his parents rejected any idea of us being together and it took me over a year to meet his father. His mother was not accepting of me at all in the beginning and barely looked at me. Now she is a little more accepting of who I am, but she still tells my boyfriend that it is wrong to date me because I’m not their religion. I understand where she is coming from, but he has three other siblings who are also not dating Muslims. He is a mamas boy and has been his whole life so it’s hard for him to go against his mother’s wishes. We’ve encountered a lot of problems but we are still a strong couple. I try to be understanding that he has a much different family than I do (mine accepts him and loves him). But it’s hard to see him be walked on by his family when he is the perfect child out of all of them, bending over backwards for every single one of them. And no one ever gives him any sort of praise for it. He does everything for his mother because he think he owes her his life and she takes complete advantage of that but the sad part is that he doesn’t see that. I’ve tried to tell him in a respectful manner and he says that I’m right that they do take advantage of him but he falls back into their control again and again. He is also the only one that his mother tells all her problems too and the one that gets all the shit for being in a relationship with someone who isn’t Muslim. He’s the only one that listens. He thinks she’s a saint and he has to take care of her all the time. It’s annoying because the other siblings don’t give a sh*t and don’t step up at all, but he is the only one that still does. He’s starting to live his own life now but I just wonder if anything will change for us. It’s been over two years and I have still never been invited over to his house and I’m not one to sneak around. The mom talks to me when she sees me and she’s nice but she just doesn’t like the idea of us being together. It’s just frustrating because he gets all the blame and he’s not the only one dating a non Muslim. His parents are going to have to accept it eventually because not all of their kids will end up with a Muslim and if they want to continue to have a good relationship with their children, they’re gonna have to change their views.

She is mostly worried the family back in Albania will talk about us but neither of us care. I guess I’m just wondering if any of you can give me some word of advice or share your experiences to help a girl out. Does it ever get better? Will his family ever accept me?