Induction Wednesday with foley balloon


I was induced with my daughter and it was very long. I wasn’t dilated at all and overdue 10 days. They tried that medication cervidil (didn’t work) then did the balloon which worked, then my water broke a few hours later. Overall it took almost 3 days since the medication has to set for a long time.

I’m 1cm dilated this time at least and my doctor said she’ll probably just start with the balloon, which I’m happy with because the medicine takes 12 hours and didn’t work last time. I found the balloon uncomfortable but not horrible and it actually worked for me.

My question is has anyone done the ballon right away on their first induction or balloon right away on second induction? I’m just curious how long it might take. Hoping it’s a lot faster this time!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼