A BFP!!! & MY 2WW Symptoms!

Ekela • Singer, Greyson’s Mama, #2 on the way!

Hi! I always came to this community while

Trying to get pregnant. I found Hope here, and I wanted to return some By posting my symptoms before my BFP. Oddly enough, my symptoms were nowhere to be found this month, and this was the month I was preggies.


8dpo - my poop was GRAY and It was really hard to poop

9dpo - VERY faint nausea. Not enough for me to suspect anything. I also always get nauseas. I also was falling asleep in the middle of the day

10dpo - My right underarm started aching. Felt like I was chest pressing. I work out so I figured this was soreness. My nipples were kind of sensitive but not the way I see people talk about it, it was all really slight.

11dpo - I felt like I had on a tight waist trainer, and had a warm sensation in my pelvis . I ate seafood for everyone single meal, but it wasn’t an overwhelming craving. I didn’t even realize until end of the day. I also had sex and when I had an orgasm I had very painful contractions.

12 dpo - my body just felt off. I just didn’t feel right. I wasnt miserable or Moody. I also had a cooling sensation in my Chest that hasn’t gone away yet.

13DPO - I woke up 4 times to pee. The 4th time my body was basically whispering to me to take a pregnancy test. And it lit up like a Christmas tree.

I also didn’t log any symptoms I’m glow this month. I was discourages becauae me and my bf were arguing when I thought I was ovulating so we didn’t have sex. Turns out, the Sex before

Ovulation (4 days before!) was enough.

I am praying for a sticky bean!

I hope this helps someone! I’m open to any questions.

One thing I did differently was get a nutritionist! She told me what to eat to prep for a baby!