Rant 😡🥵🤬

I just need to vent!!

So my husband and I have a baby girl and are expecting a baby boy towards the end of the year and I have my daughter from a previous relationship. After I had our baby girl I noticed a dramatic change in him. He doesn’t really help me with the baby. I was in the hospital for 5 days after just 2 weeks pp and he stayed with me in the hospital but I did all the caretaking with IVS attached to my arm and all. On top of that he has changed towards my daughter before they were like best buds now they seem to always disagree. Prior to my husband me and my daughter were on our own for 5 years and I worked so she always got everything she asked for and now that I’m a SAHM I don’t work nor do I have any money. Whenever I ask my s/o for money he always ask why, for what, and etc. Now I don’t mind giving explanation BUT when he gives $$ to his family members without thinking twice that’s what really pisses me the fuck off. I really don’t want to be with him anymore but I really don’t know who I’m going to provide for 3 kids plus work. 😖😖 i still do love him very much but I can’t keep living with him when things like asking for $10 I have to give huge paragraphs but when family members ask for cars and expensive clothing/items he doesn’t think twice. Any advice? I do have family I can fall back on as far as living but If I go back home I have to be 100 percent done with him. Like I said I do love him he’s not a complete asshole but I’m tired of being angry all the fucking time.

*** I have spoke to him about the money issue and he says that if he didn’t have money to “loan” he wouldn’t loan it. So basically talking to him doesn’t work 😡