Sarena's Journey to Glow

SJ • 29, married, stage one endo & hubby low morphology. TTC 2 years. One m/c at 11w5d. Currently pregnant and due March.
Hi everyone, I'm Sarena.  I was married to my best friend April 29th of this year.  I am 26 years old, work part-time as a Senior Educator of an out-of-school care program, and completing my Bachelor of Recreation Management.  I'll be done my degree in April.  I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis a month after my 18th birthday via a laparoscopy.  I've always wanted to be a mother, so naturally this news was devastating for me.  My naturopath recommended an IUD for me in May of 2012, because we weren't ready for a family yet and my endo pain was worsening. The IUD was a blessing for me, but we decided to start officially trying in August, so I had it removed August 18th.  It's only been a month of official trying, but I fear with having endometriosis that this journey will be long and emotional.  I take progesterone in capsule form for the second half of my cycle, prenatals, Bee Propolis, and omega 3 fish oils.  I'm hoping to meet other women in similar situations as myself to support one another, and hopefully hear endo pregnancy success stories on the way.  I want nothing more than to be a mom; hoping our wish will come true in the near future.  Any tips or suggestions would be great!