Pregnant and confusedddd

Long story short i have had 3 positive early detection pregnancy tests, when i went to the obgyn and did the pee rest their had a faint line so was considered negative, they said i probably was since i had 3 positives at home and they decided to draw blood and check my levels. The blood work came back and they called and said it was a very faint positive possibly just because it so early. They asked if we could do more blood work to see if the levels were going up so i go back tommorow for them to draw more blood. I’m super confused honestly and scared. My period is never the same days just kinda around the same time each month so i haven’t technically missed my period yet yesterday or today is around when it’s supposed to start. When i went to pee and i wipes there was a little brownish blood not much. Is that normal or what’s yalls thoughts?