So before this pandemic, around January, my bf and I had talked about saving up for a home down payment. Our goal was to save up 20,000 (10k each)

So far I have 4,000. I know it’s not a lot but I’m really putting so much effort. My bf HAD 5,000.

This month, all of a sudden his bank account is $100😐😨🤔

In July, he had some car repairs. Apparently, parts all together were around 1,500. He’s a mechanic himself and had his friend install the parts for a cheaper labor cost. I tried to understand and reason with him.

2 weeks later, he asks to borrow 350 for other parts. He crashed into a pole 😫 I tried to reason and not get mad. We all have debts and bills.

Last week he asked if I could transfer to his bank account 100 bucks or they would close his account. I start questioning how he went from 5k to almost 0. He said the auto parts accidentally double charged his card and he is waiting for the refund. So instead of charging 200 they charged 400. Kinda weird they did that but ok?!

He’s a heavy pot head lol. So I asked him “babe how much are your wax pens?” He said they’re about 50 bucks. At that point I’m pissed off because he can use those 50 bucks for other stuff. He got frustrated saying that as a mechanic he spends a lot on parts for his clients and doesn’t make profit. He has many losses.

I’m literally here thinking. This honestly stressing me out. Money is always an issue with him and I’m honestly trying to understand him

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