Getting really down.

C • TTC #1 since July 2013, BFP 14.11.15
Does anyone else feel like they have literally had enough? I know a lot of people have it much harder than me but I feel like poo. This will probably turn into a rant. Have been TTC for 14 months, just done cycle 1 of clomid after being diagnosed with Pcos. Did everything we were meant to on all the right days with positive opks. Had symptoms left right and centre and got very very hopeful. Now I have a urine infection and negative pg tests. It just feels like everything good you do that you're meant to do makes no difference. Now on cd 30, 13 dpo with some bleeding and spotting that doesn't particularly look like the witch but I'm going to resolve that it is as that's clearly how it works. Try try try and she shows up anyway. Thing is I'm still testing as I hope upon hope this is all just signs of being pg which I clearly am not but it's so difficult to admit defeat. Eugh. Just feeling absolutely rubbish and wanting to give up. Sorry this has turned into a rant! Anyone else feeling the same??