Anyone else had that fresh out?

I was dating this guy for a few weeks and he ended up in jail for 2 months for having some green in his car, I told him I’m not gonna be doing no jail bae shit and he was understanding, he phones me or writes me to see how I’m doing and recently asked if we can rekindle things when he gets out next week or the week after so I told him only on the agreement that 1. He stays outta jail 2. Don’t play with my feelings cos I ain’t the one 3. Don’t lie to me or be shady just be open and honest and I’m good and he’s agreed and said that’s perfectly fine.

We haven’t had sex yet but he’s gave the hips and booty a lil squeeze before, I told him I’m not jumping into it soon as he gets out cos I’ve heard bout that fresh out D will have a bih within an inch of her life lol but in all seriousness is it true for those who have experienced it? Ya girls been single for a minute I know I’m probs gonna have to take it slow the first couple times and yes I do plan on using protection as I always have done with previous partners and I always make sure we go get tested together before anything so we’re in the clear with each other

*im not looking for anyone’s opinions on if they’d date someone who just got out so pls if you have no input on my actual question then kindly scroll along and have a great day, I just wanna stick to my Q rather than debating who would or wouldn’t do this or that*