First pregnancy, is this normal?!


Bare with me this is longish

Personal history back story....

Gastric sleeve 7/18/18

Hw- 350

TT, MP 10/29/19

160lbs at time of surgery 151 once all healing/swelling was gone. (Yeah 10lbs of skin removed from my tummy area 😳)

I’m 30years old, found out I was pregnant July 6th.

Anyway, currently 10+6 weeks with my first pregnancy. My main symptoms are headaches sometimes pounding like my brain is throbbing and dizziness. Since I have followed all the rules with Bariatric surgery my stomach has not really stretched out over the past 2 years. I sip water/fluids alllll day and I’m only able to get about 1 litter on average, before pregnancy that wasn’t an issue that’s all I needed to stay hydrated now that I’m pregnant I feel very dehydrated, I have even passed out twice. (Not sure if it’s hydration related or low blood pressure)

Since learning about pregnancy I had a vaginal ultrasound to determine how far along/due date (I was 7 weeks at this ultrasound)then I was scheduled an apt to see the dr for this week (11weeks)

Here’s my issues, about two weeks ago I decided I might need fluids (lips peeling and are ghostly white, not swollen at all but my feet will hold the pattern of my shoes for hours after taking them off, finger tips and feet are shriveled like I’ve been in water.... so I called the dr, nurse tells me just bc I had weight loss surgery they’re not going to give me fluids basically it’s not a real issue. Then a second nurse calls me tells me they’ve decided to give me a bag of fluids and do a urine analysts. (On a wide open free drip I consumed 1 bag of LRS in 30 minutes, not sure if that’s significant or not) immediately feel better, headaches were gone for 3 days, lips turned pink fingers and toes no longer look like rasins, however urine analysts says I’m not dehydrated so dr. Says no more fluids...

This past Sunday I passed out, call the dr. Again to notify them, one nurse calls saying this is very normal during pregnancy and that the dr. Wants to push my apt back two weeks so I’m 13 weeks. Then a second nurse calls me to tell me the issue is dehydration and I need to suck it up and drink more.

It’s literally physically impossible to consume more. I’m water logged and burp up water from being over full alllll the time.

I’m pretty put off by the constant difference in opinions from the nurses. I’m put off that they moved my apt 2 weeks later when I haven’t met the dr. Or had any kind of exam done. Maybe dehydration and fainting are normal but the nonchalant care has me frustrated.

Is this normal pregnancy care??