Morning (more like all day) sickness


This is pregnancy number 4 for me, and each time I swear the symptoms start earlier and get worse. I’m only six weeks, but nausea kicked in the day before my period was due. I have no idea how I’m so bloated already, when I’m not even capable of eating much of anything; or keeping it down. Luckily, I’ve been able to keep down butter noodles 😂

I feel like a little kid again, when my mom use to make me noodles when I didn’t feel well (thanks autoimmune issues).

But fun hack to get in more vitamin and minerals, boil your pasta in stock/broth. I’ve noticed it’s been helping me feel better quicker after eating without wanting to die. And getting the extra collagen in doesn’t hurt either.

Congrats April mamas, and good luck on your pregnancies!