Me And My Ex Husband Went On A Date!

So I'm updating you guys on the date! Some back story. Me and my ex ended up divorcing because I cheated... I'm not proud of it and I stayed single the entire time we've been apart to work on myself. He texted me yesterday saying he had some feelings he was working out in therapy and wanted to talk to me over dinner. We went to dinner together and he told me how much I hurt him. I apologized again feeling awful, but then he said but for some reason I still love you. He said even when he got into a serious relationship about a year ago, he knew he still loved me. He said he's still in love with me. We talked about it for about thirty minutes. I then asked him where do we go from here. He laughed saying, I have no fucking idea. We both laughed. He dropped me off at home and we talked someone. He then said. Is it okay if I kiss you. I said yes and he did. It was so magical! He came into the house that night. We watched the first thing we ever watched when we first started dating. Princess and the frog. And no we didn't sleep together ya nasties. He said let's take it one day at a time and see what happens. He left after the movie and I have never felt so amazing in my whole life. I've never been so happy.