I'm pretty sure he's cheating

My husband has been acting so weird. We never have sex, he won't cuddle unless I'm upset about the lack of intimacy, and he has been disappearing for weird amounts of time.

He says he gets off late but I will look at his location (he isn't tech savvy and doesn't know i can see it), and he is not at work. He's at his "friends" house. This has been going on for a while, since I got pregnant. Otherwise he is a wonderful partner, he is loving and attentive but there's literally no sex, ever. Ever. And when we do, it's rare he cums.

Even if he is cheating, I can't even kick him out because I'm on bed rest with this pregnancy and I have 2 other kids to support. I don't qualify for any aid and I would lose my house and my car, etc. We are relying on him 100% to pay the bills and eat right now. Im just venting and so depressed.