Husband calls me names

My husband calls me names whenever be gets remotely frustrated bitch is one if his favorites, dumb ass etc. It really bothers me and we have a newborn son I don't want to learn this behavior. I hate the idea of divorce I don't want one so badly, I want to fight and fix problems, I've asked him again and again for our entire marriage not to do it though and I don't see signs of it stopping. When he's happy I love him and we get along well, but the second he gets mad he's like evil so angry and mean and just terrible like no man I've ever known. Idk what to do. He doesn't hit me and short of that idk just how I was raised makes me think oh you fight it out for your kids or whatever, but is that what is best I know he will never make me feel the kinda love that I want. Thoughts? I feel like he loves me I do, but not enough to treat me how I treat him. I love him, but he like breaks my heart all the time and I remember other relationships in my life and how happy they made me and he doesn't make me happy.