How to gain confidence before having sex?

So i’ve always wondered about losing my virginity and how it was gonna go & with who. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for awhile & he’s amazing, like if he’s not my soulmate then idk what. We’ve talked about the idea of us having sex before, but i had mentioned how i wanted to wait a little longer before we ever did it. I lied and said i just wanted to give it more time, but i didn’t wanna say the whole reason was because i’m just very insecure about my body, even though he knows i am insecure. He tries to tell me all the time how i’m gorgeous & how i shouldn’t hate my body because it’s beautiful, he’s the first guy to ever say that and not try to make sexual comments about it. I would absolutely love to lose it to him cause how our connection with one another is, but i’m scared as soon as my clothes try to come off that i’ll end up sobbing.