High BP at 36+4


So.. last night was fun. Got sent to ER by my midwife due to high BP + swelling. She was concerned about pre-e. Spent 4-5 hours there before they sent me home. Of course my pressure was fine and dropping to normal levels AT the hospital. 🙃🙃 They ran some blood tests, monitored me and the baby, all was fine.

Husband was so supportive and amazing! He was ready to meet our daughter if need be. He ideally wants her to stay put for another week or so, but not if it harms me or her of course. Our plan is homebirth, we really don't want to deliver in a hospital but obviously we can change that if something bad happens. They sent me home with a 24 hour jug to pee in to double check my protein levels, so tonight we find out for sure if I'm leaning towards pre-e or not.

Anyone else have their BP climb suddenly and was totally fine? What're you doing for your pressure to keep it down?