OK so I am looking for some more Information and personal experiences with Endometriosis.

I recently found out that I needed surgery for a couple of large ovarian cysts . When they took me in for surgery halfway through the procedure they realized it was not a bunch of cysts but one large one the size of a football and a string of small ones on the back. The doctor later told me that the reason it got so large was because every time I was on my period I was internally bleeding into the cyst and it just kept getting larger and larger And somehow that had to do with the endometriosis Which apparently is a severe case. I had severe pelvic pain since I was 10 I’ve always had painful and really heavy periods. Every time I’ve asked the doctor they have pretty much written me off Saying it was normal for someone my age or it was just a cyst and it would burst on its own and I really couldn’t find anyone that would take me seriously. It got to the point Where I was just miserable and could barely walk and I finally got a Doctor Who ordered a scan for me which led to finding out about all of this.

I am 27 for the record and apparently the doctor said it’s uncommon to see something like this and someone my age she said it’s probably been growing for a few years. They We’re supposed to do outpatient procedure with the five small cuts on my stomach but when she got in there and saw how big it was she ended up doing a C-section. With Covid my husband couldn’t come back to see me and I could not see him or leave with him so when I woke up I expected to go home and they told me I had to have a C-section and that I had to stay in the hospital and I couldn’t see him and he had to leave. So the whole thing was just a crazy experience andI guess I am just looking for some more information on other people’s experiences with stuff like this and how to handle it and deal with it. Thanks!