Y’all. I have a problem. I hate kissing my boyfriend because he’s soooo terrible at it and it’s so forceful and it’s like he’s eating my whole face while his tongue is being shoved in my mouth all in one. I’m not being dramatic.

What’s also disturbing is he’s been gone for a while and I don’t remember him being so aggressive since his been back. He did as actually gentle and loving and he’s kisses were so nice at one point.

I have to literally wipe of the excessive drool off my mouth. And I hate the fact now he smokes a lot of pot so I have a disgusting smell and taste in his mouth that makes me gag!

I don’t want to hurt his feelings but what do I do. We’ve been together for a year and he’s been gone for a year and he just came back. I don’t want to loose him again and this time permanently. But I really hate his kissing and make out sessions.

I need all hands on deck so I also posted the same post on relationship and sex. Just FYI if you see this post again. Just a different title.

Lastly this is my first anonymous post because he’s also on here and I don’t want to obviously embarrass him