Things you shouldn’t say to someone with infertility.

I have compiled a list of things people have literally said to me over the last three years of my infertility journey. Feel free to share yours!

1. Just Relax (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said this to me)

2. Stop trying and it will happen.

3. Have you even seen a doctor?

4. Has your husband been checked?

5. You’re probably trying too hard.

6. A pregnant person to me “Omg baby doctor appointments are so expensive because we don’t have insurance right now.”

7. My cousins friend took medicine to get pregnant maybe you just need medicine.

8. A friend of mine “we’re struggling with infertility too.” Me “omg i had no idea! How long have you guys been trying?” Them “ 2 months.” Me “We’ll its normal for it to take a few months.. Are you taking ovulation tests?” Them “No they’re too expensive.” ...... 2 months later they were pregnant 🙄🙄

9. Maybe you should get a second opinion .... (I’ve been to 3 doctors in 3 states🙄)

10. God has a plan.