Little confused

Miranda • Just a couple trying to start a family. ❤

Good morning (6:55am here)!

I'm a little confused as to what my body is doing to me. Sorry for my lack of lingo!

Years ago before I went on BC, I had predictable cycle. BC made everything super regular. I stopped taking them in April when my husband and I got married. Since then my cycle has been all over!

May: 26 cd

June: 28 cd

July: 30 cd

Aug: 33 cd

Sept: 28 cd

Oct: 32 cd

It's now CD 35, no AF in site. I do track CM and I typically O 18-19 cd. This month was cd 18. I tested this morning and BFN! Ugh, this is so frustrating.

Has anyone had any BFP some time after predicted AF? I plan to test again in a few days if she doesn't show up, I just want some hope that it could happen. It was hard enough to wait to test til today!