Do you get help as a sahm?

My husband said something this morning that really rubbed me the wrong way. He walks in & starts bad mouthing his coworkers wife. Apparently his coworkers wife leaves a "to do list " for his coworker friend on the weekends. Such as do dishes or fold a load of laundry. Obviously his friend is a grown ass man and has a choice to say "Hun I'm really tired can the to do list wait, etc".He goes "can you believe that?" "Seriously a to do list??" I said "man, yeah one load of dishes or laundry is so shitty of her to ask of two days a week" he just tuned out my response. I do not ask for help. I am a new sahm but he also does not ever lift a finger. If I didn't go get the beer bottles off of his computer desk every inch would be covered in them because he is too damn lazy to walk five feet towards the kitchen to put them in the trash can. I guess his snarly rude comment made me look at him differently. His comment about his coworkers wife kind of illustrated his point of view in plain sight that he expects to not do a damn thing other then make the money. That may be normal since I'm new to being home and raising our daughter but the huge pompous arrogant sense of entitlement I saw in him this morning was a first and I'm wanting to hear from other SAHMS and if that comment or the context it was said in would bother you or if you ever get help when your spouses are home, minor help not meaning scrubbing floor boards and cleaning grout with a tooth brush (I'm exaggerating) ? I now know he'd be pissed off if I ever asked for help. 😡