Flu Vaccine

Stacey • Mother to a beautiful little boy born in March 2014 and expecting his baby sister May 31st/June 1st 2016. Age: 24 💙💜

I had the flu vaccine when I was pregnant with my son, I was about half way or more so I know its impirtant to have. I've been told I can get it again which I don't mind doing but 2 things are giving me doubts/concerns.

1. When I had it with my son I had flu sypmtoms after

2. I'm 13 weeks right now and not sure if you can have it this early? My mudwife seems very new at this but shes lovely.

I'm just looking for some reassurance if you can have it that early in pregnancy and if anyone else had flu symptoms after having it? I have a 20 month old son so I'm trying not to risk being ill. I have only ever had the flu once in my life which was when I was about 15 years old. I am now 23 nearly 24. Thank you in advance ☺