Huge age difference...

People have always told me I'm not like other 15 year olds, I've never liked people in my age either, always been hanging out with older people and my current boyfriend is 24.
I mean we dont really have a problem with that. We know each other since a pretty long time and honestly love each other so much.
We're together since nearly a year and I'm turning 16 in febuary. All of his friends know about it and my best friends do too, but last night my boyfriend and I fought and I've told my best friend and she was like "You really should break up with him I never wanted you two to be together anyways he's so much older than you" and idk it did kinda hurt me... We (my bf and I) dont usually care about what other people say but what if we'd make it like really official, I know people would judge, is our age difference too big?