Bitch eating crackers?

 I'm new to Glow, came from Baby Center and I've been noticing some things Can I ask how old everyone is???
 It's just some, actually a lot of the questions I read on here seem like they are coming from younger girls.. Ex: 'can I get pregnant from anal?' 
' I had sex 2 days ago, am I pregnant?'  ' if he cums in me can I get pregnant?' 
They say there is no such thing as a stupid question.. But I beg to differ... Especially when Google is available. 
That and there seems to be some very sensitive women on here.. Getting very upset that someone has told them that they can't see the line they are talking about.. Really? Then don't come to a group of random people asking if you can see a line...
Normally I wouldn't say anything.. But good lord, it's like every other post sometimes with the obvious questions. I very likely could be bitch eating crackers about this.. 
Is anyone else noticing this?