Over reacting or is this rude to say ?

So I have a baby less than a year old and i'm pregnant again, my babies will be a year apart. I hate how my MIL always says " you must of forgotten what it feels like to give birth because you got pregnant so quick again". She started by saying it to me and then she repeats it in front of her husband and kids and now says it in front of her other family members. One time I got tired of it but didn't want to be rude so I said " yeah , that epidural was amazing 👌🏼" she then says that if I had a natural labor I would of thought twice about it. I don't see the problem, I mean i'm pregnant by my HUSBAND that i've been with for 3 years and 9 months married. It's not like I don't know who the father is besides we have been raising our daughter with no help. I feel like if you're not supporting me , my husband or my kids then you can just shut the fuck up! (Excuse my language) She also asked me last time in front of her family when we were out to dinner if I have any morning sickness and I said yes occasionally.  she laughed and said " well now you're starting to know what it feels like to be pregnant since you had no sickness with your daughter and your mom said you felt as if you weren't even pregnant". I just stayed quiet and kept tending to my daughter. Idk if she's trying to make me feel bad or something but it's not working. The only thing she's making me feel is annoyed . A pregnancy is a pregnancy morning sickness or not. So what if I have morning sickness, I only had it my first trimester but only threw up once and threw up a couple days ago because I took my prenatal pill without eating.
If she wants to be asking about my pregnancy then she shouldn't be making any rude remarks. 
 i'm tired of her always making remarks like that to me next time she says anything I feel like telling her " you must of forgotten the feeling as well that's why you have 4 kids" 😂😉

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