I really want to get married and start having babies

So I have only been dating this guy for like 2 months, which is actually my longest relationship and I'm 24 (I know I obviously suck at life). My point is it took me forever to find him and our relationship is a little fast moving but I'm ok with that. I wanted a relationship so badly and I feel like I'm so happy now. The thing is now I want more. I have always known I want get married as quickly as possible and have babies. And I'm at an age where like EVERYONE is getting married or pregnant and it sucks to watch everyone live my dream life. I know marriage and babies with him is not in the near future because he's been married and has a child and is still recovering from the breakdown of that. Idk what to do I mean how long do I wait I'll be 25 in a month... I want to get pregnant!!!! And married!!!! Now!!!