If your sister died

Abruptly and unexpectedly, what kind of things would you want included in your wallowing basket from your best friend? I know material things are pointless and of course I’ll be spending as much time as she wants with her, but I want to build her a wallow basket. Maybe a fuzzy blanket and pjs. Some ice cream. What else? No alcohol, as her sister died directly because of her alcohol addiction.

Thank you guys so much, especially for the tissue recommendation, idk why that wasn’t my first thought. I ended up getting her a giant pack of puffs lotion tissues, a really soft fuzzy blanket, a comfy oversized hoodie, a pair of house slippers, a new mug and her fave hot chocolate, Dr. Teals Epsom salts, some for stress relief and another bag with melatonin to help her sleep, I also threw in two Yankee Candles for good measure. Her husband is being amazing as well, when I dropped the basket off to her he was already cooking her favorite meal and there was a huge bouquet of roses for her from him. I really appreciate the tips and I will mention the finger prints to her.