I'm 27 years old and will be married 3 years this December. I love my husband but I'm not sure i am in love anymore. We fight. Everyone fights. But ours are intense. He like to tear me down. Undo any and everything I have ever done for him. None of it gets to matter in an argument. He will literally say, "were not talking about that now," or "that doesn't count." Mainly we argue about sex, his video game playing, and making me feel special. Occasionally we argue about my depression. He doesn't understand it so to him its not real. Well, currently he is arguing about sex. But honestly, the sex argument has been had so many time i don't know how that will ever change. I take one for the team because what else can I do. Im pregnant and my libido is low. I have so many things working against me to have a sex drive. He can't understand it. He says it to me all the time. He just doesn't know how a person can't want sex so it must be that i just want sex with someone else. I have tried everything in the sex department to help us. I try. He doesn't. I come up with the ideas. Not him. I have to fix everything. He just wants it to be fixed already. I know you're going to suggest marriage counseling. I suggest it every time. He doesn't believe in it. But aggreed multiple times to try it. But then, the kicker, i have to plan it. I have to find the counselor. I have to make the appointments. I have to fit the bill. He will just sit and wait. I have tasked him with finding one the last 2 times. Nothing. No effort to find one. I'm just depressed and feeling worthless now. Parts of me wish I could go to sleep and just sleep till something good happens.