PPD, positive with covid and falling relationship

I am 5 weeks PP and my baby & I unfortunately have covid but thank good we had barely any symptoms especially my LO she was just fussy with a stuffy nose but I’m still super stressed because she got covid. To top things of my relationship has just been bad , I don’t know if my boyfriend is just super stressed with work but I feel like he doesn’t even love me anymore, he makes no time for me and doesn’t even try to have conversations with me and I been feel super down because I just don’t feel that support and I feel so use less and I been feel depressed like I tell him what’s wrong and he is just in his own world. He did not stay one single day with me after I had my baby I been alone and I’ve honestly have put some thought in going back to my moms because I know I will get support and help there. :( I ask him if anything’s up and he just says work ( he is a business owner ) but I feel like he is fine with everyone else but me and he told me it was my hormones probably but how come when the day I tested for COVID-19 and I felt super sick you didn’t once help me with anything or take care of me. Instead you just went to work and left me with my baby ???