Gas-like cramps.

Brandy • TTC #3
Ok so 2 days ago I woke up with a nasty stomach flu bug. I already had an OB appt scheduled, so I went and received Zofran. I have since been able to keep food and fluids down. I do still get a wee bit nauseas from time to time so I have been still taking the Zofran. I also had severe diarrhea 2 days ago. Yesterday, no BM at all. Which didn't surprise me because I didn't eat solid food other than a few saltines. I drank broth instead. So yesterday I start feeling gassy. Where I'm getting these gas cramps, but when I get them I feel pressure in my bum and makes me feel like I need to poop. But they go away. And I can't poop. So today still having them with the pressure, but I'm not burping, passing gas, or able to poop. Has anyone had this before? If so, what is it??? I don't remember having anything like this with my first which was over 8 yrs ago. I was checked at my doctors office 2 days ago and my cervix is still long and closed. I go back super early in the morning for NST, so I will be asking about this while I'm there. But baby is moving just fine and it's not severe enough that I feel like I need to call today. Just curious as to what it is.