Worst.... simultaneous orgasm.... EVER!!!

So let me just set the stage for a moment.

I went over to my side piece’s house yesterday for a little “afternoon delight.” It was his birthday so of course I was riding him reverse cowgirl (one of his fav’s). We were goin at it pretty loud so hopefully didn’t disturb the neighbors LOL!!!

Usually when I am gettin close to the big O he says something like “lemme see dem titties!” cuz he knows the nipple stimulation helps me get off.

Well this time I was getting close, and I could tell he was too, so I started riding good and hard, and he calls out “Uunnnnhhh ride my titties!”

I started laughing so damn hard, and then couldn’t help it and farted. And it wasn’t just a fart, it was a small shart. So he starts freaking out yellin “Awwww helllllll naw!” as we both moan and finish at the same time LOL! And it was extra gross cuz he was raw doggin it, so his man juice leaked out to add to all the mess.

And then he had to come up with an excuse to his wife for why the sheets were in the laundry LOL!!! Oh well, happy birthday!

Worst.... double orgasm... EVER!