Pregnant or not? Thoughts!!

Cierra • Hey y`all I`m cierra, 21. We have a 3 year old daughter, Scarlett and another due april 24, 2015
Hey y'all 
​I'm cierra.. I am 5DPO and am having old cramping, lower back ache, always hungry even after I eat, breasts are sore on the sides and my CM has increased and became milky.
​  Hubby and I BD'd every other day on my fertile cyle and on both days of most fertile days. But we did not do it on ovulation day. I start 3/9.
​Two questions!
​1. Is it possible to have implantation cramps and symptoms so soon? Or is it AF about to start
​2. Do you ladies think we still concieved even without having sex on ovulation day(23rd)? I had a higher chance of conceiving on the 22nd though..