Dilemma! Please help me

Hi everyone,
I have got myself in a pickle and could do with some advice...
My other half is reluctant to go on holiday with me, but when he was due to go to Paris this month with work I got really jealous. He also spends an awful lot of his free time out playing golf. I decided to go away somewhere myself to comfort myself whilst missing Paris. I booked a night in a b&b by the seaside. I decided not to tell him because he would tell me it is too expensive (we are trying for a baby and just got a new car - but its only £40!) and he would want me to stay home and look after our marine fish (but its only one night so I know the fish would cope). BUT now he tells me he isn't going to Paris after all but will attend via Skype from home!
I don't want to tell him about it really because he would not like the idea (and he wont be able to come with me because of the Skype meeting etc). But then again I don't want to cancel as I've been really looking forward to it! I cant transfer the dates and the money is nonrefundable. It seemed like one thing to not mention it and go away whilst he was away, and quite another to lie and make up a reason for being away for a night!
My other half and I have not been on holiday together since 2010. He always says holidays are expensive and he thinks he would get bored, so I tend to go on holiday with my parents. However he goes on golfing holidays with his mates to France! And we have enough money for us to go together on a cheap holiday but he only seems interested in big cruises - which he wont go on because he wont trust anyone else with our fish. I would love to go on a proper holiday together but he just tells me he couldn't go away because he needs to work and has no holiday time left (mostly used up on Golf!).
I feel really bad now. Please tell me what you would do in my place