Did I ovulate? Sooo confused ...


Hey Lady’s!

I have been at my gynecologist on Thursday and she saw a big „ ready to pop“ egg in my left ovary. Took another OPK when I came home and it was positive. Took another one from another brand with the same Urin and it was also positiv ( Clear blue). We had sex 5 times this week. Ovulation should have happened this Friday, or not? OPKa went down on Friday Saturday and Sunday. BBT increased since Friday and never went back down. For the very first time I had some pink fresh blood in Saturday which lastet a day. I had cramps from Thursday to until Saturday on the left side where my doctor saw the egg.

My CM was watery/eggwhite on Thursday and Friday ( Friday a lot) then light pinkish spotting on Saturday.

What do you think. It’s the first time in 6 mit ha where things have been so different this month. Do you think I’ve ovulated?