Abnormal Toddler Meltdowns?


Mommas, I am at my wit's end! We have an almost 2 year old and the tantrums are absolutely awful! The past week has been especially tough as his sleep is off thanks to daylight savings. Regardless, it's been like 5+ tantrums per day and they seem worse than I would expect for his age. Like scream crying until he gags himself bad. I feel like I've tried everything: hugs/cuddles, calmly explaining, distracting, rewarding positive behavior, ignoring (as long as he's safe)... nothing feels like it works and these tantrums can go for 20 minutes. He's not hungry and isn't telling me that something hurts. As I mentioned, he's not getting as much sleep right now but they weren't great before the time change either.

He sees his pediatrician in 2 weeks and I plan to discuss it at that time but until then... is this normal? Am I missing something? Any magic suggestions I can try??