Who should come for christmas day? (Read Info)

So every year I dread this question from my husband. What we doing for christmas?

So I'll start off by we have 3 kids, this year will be our babies 1st christmas and I'm also 14 weeks pregnant currently. We have been together nearly 16 years and have never had a christmas on our own. His dad and step mum have always wanted to come round or we had to go to them. My mum lives on her own and she has been over a couple of times for christmas. My husband says if your mums coming over then how is it fair that my parents cant. I havnt actually said shes coming over or anything. Anyway the last year i have had a hate hate relationship with his father as his father thought it was ok to send my husband a load of porno pictures of women! This made me angry and i think it's so disrespectful to me! How is this even normal behaviour? I was 9 months pregnant at the time also and this was a few days before Christmas last year. And yes the in laws were invited last year and it was the worst christmas ever.

So everytime I hear his name or see him whatever it just reminds me of this very shit time in my life where everything nearly got ruined. I dont want his dad at ours for Christmas but I know my husband wants them over. What do I do?

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