Am I wrong ?


So my babies father and me were together for four years. I’ve always noticed that he’s had a cold personality but loved him regarding and excepted him for the way he was.  we didn’t try to get pregnant but we didn’t prevent it for years and nothing happened until now. I’m five months now. He got really emotionally abusive before I got pregnant and manipulative but I doubt with it and I went back to him when I found out I was expecting. He continue to emotionally abuse me and he cheated on me. I was so devastated that I took my savings and moved to another state. I try to still have him involved in the pregnancy but he doesn’t ask about the baby and when anything is wrong he doesn’t really care or respond. He hasn’t and won’t pay for anything. All he keeps saying is to contact him when the babies here and he wants full custody. Am I wrong for feeling like I have to just completely cut him out for the safety of me and my baby? I don’t really feel like he cares about the baby anyways I feel like it’s more about his pride. Advice please