Cycle Buddies - Kathryn, Angela, Claire, V, Amy & Cierra

Lisa • Married 5 years to a wonderful man. Son born 26 Jan 15. Expecting another boy in Nov 16 X
Hi ladies, we are all testing around around 6-9th March!!
​Time is dragging for me, but I'm trying not to guess symptoms or think about it too much. I decided this month to relax and after O was confirmed, I have been far less regular at taking BBT and CM in hope it will help me not to become obsessed and then feel so sad when AF comes.
​That said. I know it's early days for me, I had the Implanon taken out on 19th Dec and we have been trying since.
I'm a UK lass but currently living in Hong Kong for a few years with work.
​What's your stories and how can this group support you? 
​Let's hope we get some BFP on this forum this month :-)