Was this at all in the wrong?

I had a small birthday celebration my for sons 4th birthday this weekend, it was originally planned to be in our tiny apartment, so I kept it extremely minimal, our family, and his one friend(who’s family is like family to us, we lived with them for just over a month when we were facing homelessness). I’m a single mom and don’t have much, I really have no business having the celebration we did as is. this friend messaging me, I adore her and her little family (she had a 13mo and a fiancé, they also let us stay with them for a few days a couple years ago, when we also were facing homelessness, they offered for us to stay a month but it resolved in a couple days) we’ve known each other since kinder and been closer and not in seasons. She rarely responds to my messages anymore, I’ve reached out several times and nothing. We finally got together a few weeks ago and it was nice, but again this get together was minimal to be within our means. I personally have had friends and even family celebrate birthdays and not include me/us. I haven’t been phased by it, because it’s either all they could do, was the child’s choice, etc. am I In the wrong? Was this a really rude/hurtful thing to do or is she taking something personal that wasn’t at all personal? The photo she sent was from his first birthday, in that season we were much closer but also invited everyone and their mother (as most do for first first birthdays). She did invite us to her daughters 1st, but also has far more resources available to her. I also feel like I shouldn’t be made to feel bad for how my freaking son wanted to celebrate his birthday, while I only asked what one friend he wanted, he didn’t ask for any more, and at the same time feel bad that she feels this way.