TMI!!! Absolutely no clue!

Nikki • I am a phlebotomist & my hubby is a painter/mechanic/carpenter & we`ve been together since April 26th 2012 & married since September 12th 2013. We have been ttc for around 2yrs.
Ok so I had a period 8/24-8/31 then was fine other than some cramps for 6days then on the 7th I wake up to bleeding & I'm still bleeding. It's been really crazy. It'll be fairly heavy & red sometimes then shirts after it'll light & either rusty or brown colored. I've thought several times i was about to stop then just as soon as I think it, it gets worse again. I've cramped so badly & back has hurt too. My cheeks have been really red & feel tight like when your face is burnt & I've had the taste & situation of tinfoil in my mouth. It's crazy!