Midwife or OB? / Home Birth or Hospital

Erica Grace • Originally from South America, but live in the state`s for the last 23 years
Hi ladies I'm new to glow this is my first month TTC. In the search for #2 I find myself asking all these questions. Midwife v OB? Home Birth v Hopital? Given the fact that my first was a push upon me cesarean I just want to hear about others experiences and so forth. After prepping at home from Monday-Wednesday I went to the hospital on Wednesday night were my water preceded to break and they started pushing the drugs on me. I wasn't progressing at the rate they wanted, and at 2:30 I was told that at 9cm dialated I was going to have to have a cesarean. I'm really considering a Midwife/Home Birth and would really appreciate any input, insight or advice. Thank a million...Baby dust to all!