MIL vent

Kim • Aspyn Lorelei - 08/14/2019 💕

Has anyone else ever dealt with a MIL who has never learned the proper coping mechanisms when dealing with situations?

Ever since I had my daughter, I swear this lady and I cannot see eye to eye. Back story, her dad left her family when she was young - told her to be quiet and left. She never had a relationship with her mom either. Like to the point when she died, she basically said, “oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️”. So right there I believe started how she had an outlook with life.

I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and I think there’s extreme jealousy on her part. She has acted like a child many times when it came time for situations when my parents or even family were around.

Anyways, tonight for instance, I came home from being at my parents all day with my daughter (I do this on Sundays). We (my husband and I) live with her as we wait for these dang houses to get on the market and actually make it worthwhile to try and put an offer in. Well, I came back and first thing, it was time to feed our daughter dinner. I wanted to make a grilled cheese for her. My husband was cooking his meal prep for the week. So I asked him if I could share the stove. Well he basically threw a temper tantrum and stopped what he was doing and went downstairs 🙄 (I’m noticing a trend with his behavior because his mother and him are like two peas in a pod when it comes time to controlling their behaviors).

Soon after, his mom shuts the tv off in the back room, huffs, and slams the baby gates (we have 2 connected to the kitchen). Literally have no idea what caused this. And I more than likely won’t because she won’t come to me when there’s an issue. Instead she will ignore me for months on end until I lose my cool and say WHAT GIVES. Then she will turn it on me and then realize she’s an ass and apologize. So anyways, I’m feeding our daughter her dinner when she goes to the front door a little while later and somehow knew there was an Amazon package there (it was mine, well part of my daughters Valentine’s Day gift). She leans over into the kitchen and tosses it onto the counter, shuts off a light and huffs again. Like at this point with all this huffing, I should see if she needs an inhaler.

If you’ve made it this far, and you have a horrible MIL, let’s share our stories because I know we all could need a Sunday night vent session.