Living with HSV-2 (genital herpes)

Just venting...

I was diagnosed with hsv-2 last year in April and it’s still taking a toll on me. I usually forget i have it until an outbreak comes. I was getting them every month at the same time once a month, but now it seems like they’re coming twice a month. It’s depressing because i read over time they usually lessen or stop completely but that isn’t the case. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I’m sure that’s a factor because of my hormones and stress but it just sucks.

This is the worse thing that has ever happened to me and it takes a toll on me mentally. I just never thought it would be me. But, i can say reading other people’s stories and knowing I’m not alone is a huge relief.

I’m going on 10 months with it and i do take valacyclovir 3 tablets for 3 days when the outbreaks come and they go away but recently got advice to take them daily twice a day as that has helped someone. My doctor seems like he doesn’t care he asks so many questions but literally has no answers but to keep taking the medicine. Since I’m due in 2 weeks i really don’t want to have an outbreak because i don’t want to have to get a c section. I wanna do anything necessary to make sure i can deliver vaginally and safely.

Anyway, anyone out there living with hsv2 that has lessened their outbreaks? Any tips or advice would help. Or moms that are pregnant/were pregnant that were able to deliver their baby vaginally with hsv2? Pls help me.