So stupid, but advice please?

I feel like my boyfriend has been extra touchy and kind of snappy and mean the last couple days, but whenever I bring it up to him he says that of course he's going to be mad when I respond to everything he says with negativity but I really don't think I did anything wrong?

For example, last year in June he bought me a fishtank for my birthday and since it arrived and was set up, I've been 100% responsible for everything relating. That includes cleaning, meds, deco, food, etc..

Usually if I take a day or so longer than I should for the tank, he'll both e r me about how dirty the tank is and how it isn't good for the fish. Sometimes when he's standing around and I feed the fish, he'll tell me that I gave him too much and I'm over feeding him, etc..

(I've let him know before that it bothers me he gave me more responsibility for my birthday that he refuses to touch because it feels a little less like a gift but he still doesn't do anything aside from feed it sometimes when he feels like it :c )

Anyway, last night I decided to put some of my plant cuttings in the top of the tank- some already rooted and some not- and pinned the vines to the wall around so I like the look. My boyfriend looked and said that he doesn't think it's a good idea. I asked why and he snapped and basically repeated the same thing. I dropped it for a minute before he said it again, and then I asked if he could explain why.

He said he was worried that the plant would emit toxins to the fish, that the roots were too long and he'd get tangled, that the uprooted ones would hurt him, etc.. I told him that I made sure to look everything up and that there shouldn't be a problem with anything and the fish should be fine. Then he started getting upset that he can't say anything without my negativity coming back at him.

Yesterday there was a situation where he was wanting to go out and grab food so he asked what I want. Something extremely irritating he does is when I ask where he's going, he'll say he doesn't know yet until he leaves. But to tell him what I want. But he's not going multiple places.. he finally told me a place he would get food from and I looked their menu up to see what I wanted and he kept rushing me. He had absolutely nothing to do! And I was taking less than 10 minutes. I had also just woken up. But after him bothering me for the 7th or so time I snapped and told him that I didn't need anything and to just buy his own food (I was paying until then) so of course that upset him.

I just don't think I've done anything wrong, yet he seems to believe otherwise :(