My period is 8 days late but pregnancy test says negative?

I had sex on feb 10, and was supposed to get my period by feb 14. It still hasn’t come yet, and it’s now 8 days late. I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests and they’ve all said negative. And I feel that it’s been over a week since my missed period - if I was pregnant it would’ve shown up on the test right?

I don’t know what’s going on but my period is late and it’s stressing me out. Also this is the first time I had sex coming off birth control, but that’s never been an issue in the past. I’ve been stressed with the period situation and work.m the pas week as well. Additionally I had my wisdom tooth removed. Could these be factors of a delayed period cycle, or is something wrong with thr pregnancy tests? I’ve taken 8 and they all aid negative so I feel the chances are slim.

Also a couple days ago out of no where I got cravings to eat/I wasn’t even hungry but I just kept munching on food.

I’m not sure what’s going on-thoughts?! :)