I have an ultrasound today. Still not sure how far along I am. Two weeks ago doctors saw gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole which freaked me out but the week before that there wasn't even a yolk sac so there was definitely progress. I'm scared they won't find fetal pole or heartbeat today 🥺😢😢 this would be my third miscarriage in three months. I'm so sad and haven't even went yet. Can't take anymore sad news.

MC: Nov.11, BFP Dec.13, MC Dec.19, BFP Jan. 17. ANY IDEAS LADIES?

UPDATE: they still only found the ges sac/yolk sac no fetal pole! The doctors are assholes. He was being fast and was repeatedly told me how "this isn't gonna grow, sorry I cant give you good news. Good luck" like what a JERK thing to say. I'm sorry ladies I have so much hope in this pregnancy and I think my baby is just too early to detect. I think I'm gonna stay away from the doctors office unless an Emergency like bleeding or until I would be further along I can't take this anymore.