My mom (52) got her first mammogram and they wanted to see her again to get better pics of the left breast cause something didn't look right. She also got her annual PAP done recently and her doctor felt some swelling so she's getting an ultrasound done today. I'm very close with my mom and if anything happens with her health I can't just hop on a plane to see her (for money reasons and Covid). We (my parents, sister, and myself) have the life360 tracking app and I wanted to call her, but went to see if she was at home first. I saw she was app the hospital and I started to worry so I texted her. She took forever to reply (it was only 10 minutes) and she told me why she was there. I freaked out for a second, but just told her to lmk because I know she's worried enough herself.

I can't be mad at her for not telling me about this because I told her for future reference if the doctor finds something sus wait to tell me until they know what it is. I have very terrible anxiety, plus me being so close with my mom and constantly worrying about her health doesn't help, so I just don't want the suspense. She has her husband and other daughter to talk to if she needs someone. If something is wrong I will be there for her no matter how stressful or anxiety ridden.

What could it mean when they find swelling and you have to get an ultrasound? And when you have to get another mammogram cause "something doesn't look right"? I know it could always be nothing, but I'm her youngest and my mom can't get sick, I love her too much