Pregnancy Prayers


I need some pregnancy prayers! This will be our 3rd if we are pregnant, my husband has finally gotten excited as I had to talk him into it. I’ve always wanted 3. This will be our last and will put all our kids almost 4 years apart (oldest is 6 will be 7 in may and youngest is 2 will be 3 in March). So if we get pregnant now the baby would be due in November. Today he saw a toddler girl, about 1.5yo when we were picking our kids up at daycare and he was just so cute!! Saying I want another little girl.. this is the first time he’s expressed wanting another!! Pray that we got preggers.. we pretty much did the dance 5 days straight, the day before my supposed ovulation and the day after, skipping the actual ovulation day. And we did the dance a few days after my period. I’m hoping it takes as the older you get in my family as a women the harder it is after the age of 30 and I’m 31 will be 32 in May! What do you think my odds are? When should I do a text and what kind do you suggest?