Skin care help


Im looking for help to make a skincare routine or whatever you want to call it. I only use a Cerave face cleanser and a moisturizer but that’s it. I would like to add more, some things I struggle with is acne marks, oily and dry skin..some parts of my face are oily and some feel super dry and flaky after moisturizing. My face texture is also a combination of small stubborn bumps , rough and like grainy skin , Looks like I need to exfoliate which I’ve done in the past but it doesn’t change anything.I most definitely have dark circles under my eyes and I do have some discoloration aside from acne marks. Those are some things I struggle with, looking for recommendations of products at a reasonable price. I really don’t know much about skin care so I’m hoping you skin care experts can help me out :) will be posting in different groups to reach out as many people as I can