oral right after my period???? 打打

Im about to go on my first vacation with a guy but my period will be ending towards the beginning/middle of our trip. Now were in a LDR from college (we started talking right before covid-19 hit and we had to leave school) so we havent had myself physically touch & intimacy. I would like to have sex with him and see what our physical chemistry is like in person but i do have questions.

1. What does giving a girl head right after her period taste like?

2. Would you suggest, being itll be our first time together, i ask/tell him he can do other foreplay being i am fresh off?

3. i know it depends on the kind of guy he is but do you think hed mind giving me head (b/c i do want to see what that mouth do lol), or do you think he wouldnt mind?

4. Should we just skip sex all together out of respect for him and not knowing how he feels about sex right after my period?

5. Do yall think even if we skip head that hell still be doing to have sex with me?

6. Should i not put him through that taste and fuck up his perception of how my taste (if yall say it tastes bad)? Because normally i taste great!

Please dont be rude!!!